🎈 We’ve raised our pre-seed round and launched early access

A new smart notebook
for your therapists

Finally. A platform that helps mental health providers improve their therapists’ working lives so they can focus less on paperwork and more on being present.

More time equals better care

Supporting mental health providers with the right technology. Help your therapists save time on admin tasks, so they can provide better care.

Forget about the hard stuff

We’ll do all the invites, consent collection, and data processing.

DAP-informed progress notes

Why start from scratch? Therapists can edit transcribed notes.

Fully automated documentation

All your sessions will have a track record as required by law.

Helpful insights and smart analytics

Empower therapists with extra data for driving treatment decisions.

Integrate us into your experience

Upheal your therapy workflows with a light integration to a full API.

Become a partner – we’ve still got space for a couple more

Join our select group of mental health providers as we bring Upheal into existing systems and workflows. Book a demo and we’ll gladly show you how Upheal could help your organization.