Upheal fits into any workflow

However you hold sessions, Upheal offers a range of ways to create notes effortlessly.

How do you want to hold your sessions?

You can also create notes  after a session from dictation or an uploaded recording.
I want to call on Upheal’s platform

Upheal online calls

Upheal’s online solution is a great telehealth alternative. Schedule your upcoming sessions or book new ones directly from your call. Upheal is HIPAA compliant and available on mobile and desktop.
All you need to do is share your Uphealer link with clients
No installation, open Upheal through your browser any time
Compatible with all systems, mobile and desktop friendly
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I want to use my EHR, Google Meet, or more

Upheal browser extension

Create notes and insights from any online call or telehealth solution. Whether you’re using an EHR to hold sessions or prefer Google Meet, simply sign into the browser extension to capture your intake and progress notes in a single click, straight from Chrome.
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I want to make Zoom calls

Zoom integration

If you currently use Zoom, keep doing so! Our HIPAA compliant integration makes your Zoom experience more secure since you won't have to store sensitive recordings. It takes minutes to set up, and is then ready to use for calls, notes, and analytics too.
Upheal Zoom App
I’ll see clients in-person

Audio recorder

Upheal’s audio recorder feature will capture your in-person session to create all manner of progress notes and insights. Hold your sessions like you’re used to without worrying about a thing!
Place the device somewhere close to you and your client
Make sure to set up your session-end reminders
Alternatively use the recorder for note dictation after a session
Audio recorder
I’d like to upload session recordings

Upload recordings

If you prefer, you can even upload audio recordings from your sessions. Use any recording device. It only takes a few minutes to upload your sessions and turn them into notes and insights.
Yet another way to create session notes
Supports audio and video files
Easy to  capture, creates both notes and insights
Upload recording

Focus on your session with our AI progress notes

The first AI-assisted platform for mental health professionals with therapy notes and analytics.

15 free progress notes a month
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