A plan for every practice


Ideal for individual mental health professionals who work limited hours.
50% OFF
$25/month for the first 2 months,
then renews at
The best of our basics:
40 session notes
SOAP and DAP note types
Captures any EHR and online call
Audio records in-person sessions
Full session transcript


Even more notes and customization for full-time healing professionals.
50% OFF
$50/month for the first 2 months,
then renews at
All the features in Starter, and:
140 session notes
All 8 therapy note types
Basic analytics and insights
Upheal notes from Zoom
Priority support


Our most advanced AI features and seamless practice management.
50% OFF
$75/month for the first 2 months,
then renews at
All the features in Premium, and:
200 session notes
Treatment plans & SMART goals
Advanced analytics
Upheal online sessions with AI
Google calendar integration

Starter – $49/mth

Premium – $99/mth

Unlimited – $149/mth

AI note types & features
Session notes per month
Full session transcript
SOAP and DAP notes
Intake, GIRP, BIRP, EMDR, Upheal notes
Upheal notes are our unique process-based progress note shaped by you, our users.
Summaries, topics, people and places
A helpful summary of each session, including a breakdown of the topics discussed, and important people and places in the client’s life.
Session storing and playback
Treatment plans & SMART goals
Client summaries to send post-session
Coming soon
Note template customization
Coming soon
Psychiatry notes: SOAP and Intake
+ $50/mth
+ $50/mth
Capture notes from any session
Integrate with your EHR or any video-calling tool
Use our Chrome-based extension to capture any EHR or other online call and create notes seamlessly in your natural workflow. Works with both Mac and Windows.
Audio record in-person sessions
Easily capture in-person sessions to receive our AI notes and insights.
Manually upload session recordings
Dictate notes or observations
Create Upheal notes from Zoom
Upheal online session features
Upheal online sessions without AI
Simple Upheal video-calling functionality without AI notes or insights.
Upheal online sessions with AI
The full Upheal integrated video-calling functionality including AI notes and insights after each session.
Private notes space
Easy review of previous session notes
Supported therapy types
Individual therapy
Couples therapy
Group, family, and child therapy
Coming soon
Coming soon
Session analytics features
Basic session analytics
This is the analytics summary including the talking ratio, speech cadence, and response time. A great source of insight into the client’s state and your own performance.
Advanced analytics and a Session map
The full session analytics including a session map that connects all the topics discussed to metrics like client sentiment, moments of silence, talking ratio, tense, and more.
Privacy and security features
HIPAA compliant, PHIPA, and GDPR approved
Upheal is HIPAA, PHIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and DPA compliant. Most recently, we also achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance. Altogether, we are trusted and compliant in the USA, Canada, EU, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
All recordings deleted by default
Automatic transcript deletion
Even more peace of mind for clinicians who want to remove the transcript after they finish their session notes.
2-step verification for sign-in
EHR capabilities
Progress notes sign-off
Data exports for supervision or insurance purposes
Automated client consent collection
Priority chat and email support
Session reminder emails
Scheduling with Google Calendar integration
Avoid double-bookings. See and schedule appointments directly from Upheal or your Google calendar with our 2-way sync.

Custom plan

Looking for something specific for yourself or your team?

We offer custom plans for group practices and large organizations.

A custom-built plan for organizations

For larger organizations and enterprises we offer API integration and additional customizations to meet your specific needs. Just tell us what you're after.