Plans for all sizes

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan for free.

Pay per session
A great way to start
Starting at:
$29 therapist / mth
+ $1.50 per session
Unlimited sessions
As many sessions as you want
Starting at:
$129 therapist / mth
$149 therapist / mth
Save 240$ on your first year
No additional costs per session
Enterprise plan
For larger organizations
We offer API integration and additional customizations for organizations with specific needs.

Get exactly what you need for yourself and your practice

AI progress notes and a session transcript

Save time with highly accurate pre-drafted SOAP progress notes and a top-of-the-class transcript.

Fundamental EHR capabilities

Let us handle HIPAA-compliance, client history, scheduling, and even consent collection for you.

Insightful session analytics

Review objective data for deeper client insights and improve your own therapeutic skills.

More session flexibility

Hold in-person meetings, upload recordings, use our video-calling or connect to Zoom (coming soon).

Access to the Uphealer community and referral program

Share ideas and feedback, take part in discussions, and earn money for referrals.

Advanced AI note-taking

Choose between more note styles and advanced capabilities: Intake, DIRP, DAP, GIRP, EMDR.
$15 / mth
Limited-time offer

SMART goals and treatment plans

Simply edit and add to AI-generated goals and treatment plans created for you.
Coming soon

Group therapy

Capture AI notes, the session transcript, and advanced insights for group and couples therapy.
Coming soon


Improve your therapeutic skills and support growth through peer-to-peer and supervisory reviews.
Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you hold more than 80 sessions per month, we recommend the unlimited session plan. If you wish to upload sessions instead of using our video-calling functionality, or already know you will have less, we recommend the per session plan. You can add optional features anytime to further customize your plan.

Should I invest in Upheal?

Yes, we think so! Our users repeatedly tell us that we help them save  70-90% of the time they would otherwise spent on note-taking. This means that most healing professionals can cover the cost of Upheal with just one or two extra sessions per month. And in fact, Upheal creates space in their calendar for many more sessions and clients than that. By using the app, you will be able to help more people, earn more, and spend less time on the administrative aspects of your work.

When are the Coming Soon things coming?

In a matter of months. :)

What are the details of the current pricing offer?

The regular price of the Unlimited sessions subscription plan is $149 per month. However, for the first year, you can enjoy a $20 discount on each monthly charge. Additionally, you'll receive the Advanced AI note-taking package, valued at $15/month, for free for the entire upcoming year. This offer translates to savings of $420 per year. Please note that this special offer is available until September 30th.

Can I change plans?

Yes. You can amend your plan monthly, by adding optional features or you can swap plans entirely from pay per session to unlimited subscription, and vice versa. We’re happy to be flexible as long as it suits your needs.

Can I combine various subscription types and features in my multi-therapist practice?

This is not available yet, for now we support purchases of the same plans.