No more mix ups, no-shows, or calendar conflicts.

Built-in scheduling, even during your call

Easily schedule further sessions straight from your call. Upheal’s scheduler is built-in and even includes recurring sessions. Simply book them as you need – and then forget them.

Session reminder emails

It’s costly and frustrating when no-shows occur. Set up session reminder emails or use Upheal's planned reminders 24 and 12 hours before a session.

Simply share your Uphealer link

Even when you’re acquiring new clients, you don’t need to use another video calling solution. Simply share the Uphealer link even with potential clients who aren’t on Upheal, or who haven’t given you their email or consent yet.

Sync with your Google calendar

Keep things nice and organized by syncing your Google and Upheal calendars. This 2-way sync means you’ll have greater visibility over both personal and work commitments – even across practices.


Focus on your session with our AI progress notes

The first AI-assisted platform for mental health professionals with therapy notes and analytics.

15 free progress notes a month
No credit card required