Treatment plans and goals

AI-powered client treatment plans at the click of a button.

Time for yourself and your clients

Our AI creates a unique first draft of your treatment plan including the therapy length and treatment type required – while remaining beautifully tailored to your client’s unique needs.

Select any three client sessions and Upheal's AI will transform these into an automated treatment plan.
It's fast and trustworthy. All you need to do is review, edit, and save it or export it to PDF.
Our Treatment plan includes broader therapy goals and SMART objectives, progress evaluation, interventions, resources, and outcome evaluation.

See an unmodified Treatment plan generated from a demo session. Sign up for free and create one yourself.

Treatment plan

Client identification and demographics
History and reason for treatment
Treatment goals and objectives
Strategies and interventions
Strengths and resources
Progress and outcome evaluation

Treatment plan example

Inspired by SMART methodology

Our Treatment plan includes goals and objectives inspired by the SMART framework, making each plan structured and implementable. That means using Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound criteria.

Great for insurance purposes

It’s easy to see details of your client’s diagnosis, symptoms, and progress along with accompanying goals and objectives. This helps to ensure that insurance plans cover exactly the amount of sessions your client needs.

Flexible and fully open to edits

You choose which three sessions you’d like to include in the treatment plan. You can also choose to use the objectives ‘Discussed’ in your sessions or ones ‘Suggested’ by our AI. Simply drag and drop to prioritize and edit.

Re-create a new plan any time

We know that things may shift rapidly during therapy and you may need to adjust client goals and objectives. That’s to be expected! It’s as easy as selecting three sessions and clicking a button to generate a new Treatment plan at any time.

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