The first AI Intake notes for mental health professionals

Alena Miklasova
Alena Miklasova
July 11, 2023
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The first AI Intake notes for mental health professionals
Part 2 – Delegating data capture with our AI Intake notes

We’ve established how important the Intake process is, so now let’s talk about our AI-powered Intake notes. Because if you could, wouldn’t you love to delegate these? We worked with our natural language processing experts and psychotherapists to create a new way of effortlessly capturing intake data. 

Why be a scribe, when you’re a therapist? 

Focus on connection – not just data collection. Upheal’s Intake notes are now able to capture important intake information for you, so you can focus entirely on your new clients. Here are the key categories we cover so far:

  • Identification information: name, address, contact information, date of birth, family situation, and basic socio-demographic information.
  • Reason for seeking therapy: the client's main complaints, symptoms, and problems.
  • Goals: their goals and expectations.
  • Medical history: personal and family medical history, including a history of health problems, traumas, losses, and other stressors.
  • Psychosocial history: history of relationships, family environment, education, employment, interests, and other relevant information, and therapeutic history.
  • Current status: current psychological and emotional well-being, management of symptoms, and support from family and friends.
  • Diagnostic information: clinical assessment, diagnosis, and risk factors.
  • Treatment plan: agreed-upon therapy goals, the expected number of sessions, frequency, and duration of sessions.

All you have to do is simply switch to Upheal’s intake notes template when planning a session or choose it in Upheal’s waiting room, right before you start. 

Are you wondering what our Intake notes look like?

You’ll find Intake notes in the same section as your AI progress notes. Feel free to edit anything you like after your intake session. And, you’ll still have the chance to make your own private notes as well.

These notes should help you save time, and allow you to focus on the plethora of things you need to do in an intake session such as monitoring the potential for a therapeutic alliance, assessing the client’s personal relationships, goals for therapy, payment questions, ethical concerns, and consent collection. 

How our AI Intake notes work 

Upheal captures the audio content of your session and turns it into a transcript. From this transcript, we are able to create categories and use LLM to capture certain speech-based information that we’ve defined using our AI expertise. 

The evolutionary tree of modern LLMs. 

A note on LLM: In recent years, the rapid development of Large Language Models has been revolutionizing the field of natural language processing. These powerful models have shown great potential in addressing a variety of NLP tasks, ranging from natural language understanding (NLU) to generation tasks, and even paving the way to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). 

Can I swap between different types of notes?

You definitely can. If you’re after Intake notes and know this in advance, simply select the Intake note type before a session. However, if you’re meeting a new client and suddenly the session reveals more personal information and history, you can change note types and create Intake notes even after a session. So, yep – that means you can convert, for example, SOAP or EMDR notes to Intake notes. It’s true! And of course, you can choose your preferred note style anytime. Upheal supports SOAP, GIRP, DAP, EMDR, Intake, and our default version of progress notes. 

Got ideas? Share them! 

We’re working on expanding the current categories to enrich intake notes with all of the information traditionally collected through intake questionnaires. Eventually, our intake notes will serve as the intake questionnaire healing professionals are used to. 

We’d also like to enable uploading or downloading an intake PDF or even sharing it with other practitioners, insurance providers, or potential clients. But perhaps most exciting – we’ll be using our intake note as the baseline for creating an AI-generated treatment plan. So watch this space!

If you have more ideas, please let us know. Our mission is to make your jobs easier and save you time – you’re the experts! 

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Alena Miklasova
Alena Miklasova
Brand Director, Coach, & Therapist-in-Training, Upheal
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