Secure AI therapy notes that save you time

Designed for therapists, psychiatrists, and coaches. Our AI‑generated notes help you stay more present during sessions and save precious time.

100% HIPAA compliant
Works with EHRs & telehealth
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"Upheal has granted me time, but more importantly - energy! The quality of my work AND my life has improved significantly since incorporating Upheal and its AI technology into my practice."
Alison Morogiello
Alison Morogiello
Licensed Professional Counselor, USA
"Your Al is incredible! Not only does it save me time and energy completing my therapy notes, it also captures the clinical information I need. I will definitely work on enrolling more clients!"
Melissa Bartholomew
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, USA
"Upheal is an absolute game changer. The notes are accurate and  they allow me to focus on the client. The analytics are a bonus that allows for my self-development."
Libby Mayes
Registered Counsellor, Australia
"I was concerned I'd have to cut my sessions short so I wouldn't have to stay up until midnight, doing notes. You have a brilliant thing going and it’s a must have for many professionals like me."
Linda Salomone
Linda Salomone
"Upheal has been such a help to me. It helps me stay present with my clients. The insight into goals and interventions is better articulated than the therapy notes I would write."
Hunter Adams
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, USA
"This is a godsend. There are many clinicians I know who would love to have their hands on this."
Dipesh J. Patel

AI therapy notes for mental health

AI documentation for therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, coaches, and more.

Therapy formats

In-person, Online sessions,
Recordings, Dictation

Client types

Individuals and Couples — Families coming soon


English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Mandarin, and Hindi

Progress notes templates

MSE, and Intake

Treatment plans

AI-generated treatment
plans with SMART goals

Mental health fields

Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, and Coaching

Available for all EHRs and telehealth solutions

More time to think and listen

90% faster

Write your therapy notes
up to 90% faster.


See more clients per week or
create time for self-care.


Get your investment back
in around one client session.

“Progress notes might be the most daunting task a therapist endures. But Upheal has made it something a therapist can look forward to completing.”
Jhanelle Peters,
Registered Psychotherapist
Jhanelle Peters, Registered Psychotherapist

Improve your therapy experience with these smart features

AI progress notes

Comprehensive progress notes for therapists and psychiatrists including Upheal's own, SOAP, DAP, Intake, GIRP, BIRP, and EMDR. The first 3 are also available for Couples.

Treatment plans & SMART goals

Create client treatment plans at the click of a button. Includes SMART goals and Objectives, progress evaluation, interventions, resources, outcome evaluation, and more.

Smart session analytics

Upheal analyzes things you might miss with the naked eye to give a neutral second opinion from data points like speech cadence, talking ratio, moments of silence, and more, all in detailed session graphs.


Hold private video calls on our platform or upload recordings instead. Upheal is fully HIPAA compliant. Then set up recurring sessions and reminders for fewer double-bookings and cancellations.


Boost your Upheal experience with third-party integrations. We provide easier scheduling with Google Calendar, and Zoom video calling. You don’t even have to change your routine.

Practice management

We fully support group practices and large organizations. Our tools help with client management, team reporting, training, supervision, consent collection, data, and privacy policies.

Secure and private – as it should be

Upheal is built on a modern cloud infrastructure to ensure added data security for both clinicians and clients.

Encrypted video calls
Secure consent collection and storage
Personal data activity tracking in an audit log
SOC 2 Type II
Modern cloud infrastructure
HIPAA CompliantPHIPA CompliantSOC2 CompliantGDPR Compliant

Your most popular FAQs

Is it safe to use AI therapy notes?

Yes. AI therapy notes complement the work of mental health professionals allowing them to focus on the human aspects of intervention; being attuned and present. In addition, Upheal works with a secure infrastructure provider and according to strict security and privacy guidelines that are continuously monitored and updated according to HIPAA, PHIPA, PHIPEDA, GDPR, SOC2, and other regulations. More about privacy and data security.

Do you offer a client consent form?

Yes, we do. Upheal handles sensitive personal information so mental health professionals need to collect client consent before holding sessions. You can use our consent collection template and delegate consent collection to us. Any client whose data enters Upheal must agree to this, even if you only use the audio recorder or upload recordings from sessions held in person or on other platforms. We take privacy very seriously. More about consent here.

Is Upheal free to use? And is there a referral program?

Yes, you can use Upheal for free to create 15 session notes monthly. This isn’t a trial and doesn’t expire – we don’t rush you to quickly adopt technology before you’re comfortable, despite AI processing costs being high. We believe in doing things right. You can also save time and money by using our referral program and recommending Upheal to your colleagues. More about referrals here.

Will Upheal work with my EHR?

Absolutely. You can capture online sessions without even leaving your EHR. Our extension works with any telehealth or video-calling platform. You can also capture audio during in-person sessions or choose to upload audio recordings manually. Either way, it’s easy to copy-paste the note content to your EHR.

Are you trying to create an AI therapist?

No, we are not. Our goal is to support the therapist in the work that they do and provide better life balance with AI-powered automation. We do a limited amount of data training for specific scenarios like medication and name recognition, prompt evaluation, or to test the accuracy of our notes. Clients have the option to participate or decline in the sharing of their data for improvements to the Upheal app. Read more.

How do you make sure that client data stays private?

We respect the ethics of the therapy process, including following strict privacy protocols. Though we need to process private session content to be able to create customized and insurance-ready notes, we delete all audio recordings by default and have several organizational, infrastructural, and technical layers of protection. We follow the best security and privacy principles set by the SOC2 framework and have passed certification by an independent auditor. More about privacy here.

Upheal mission

It’s time the mental health world
received a little help

While mental health professionals have a legal obligation to make therapy notes and many find it crucial, it can also be time-consuming and distracting for both client and therapist.

We saw an opportunity to make this process smarter, faster, and an integral part of the clinical process. After all, therapy isn’t about paperwork, it’s about truly being there in the moment – listening, observing, and supporting.