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You care,
our AI does the notes

Meet your new AI assistant with automated notes, video calls, and analytics built-in.

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Listen more, transcribe less

Multiple-project-disorder? Post-paperwork-stress? Save your energy for client breakthroughs and leave the admin work to us.

Get some precious time back

Imagine progress and therapy notes being done for you – in every session. Edit as much or as little as you like.

Focus fully on your clients

Stay present while we transcribe the whole session and run helpful analyses in the background.

Remember everything

It’s all at your fingertips. We’ll highlight and organize the key insights, people, and places in every client’s life.

High-quality calls and notes that write themselves

It's sessions as you know them, but on a secure, dedicated mental health platform that does the documentation and analysis for you.

1. Ready? Start the call

Have a new client? Great! Just share a link to our secure video platform via your browser. There’s no need to install a thing. We’ll even take care of consent forms for you.

2. Focus on your client

Do what you normally do! Our smart platform captures your session in the background so you don’t have to worry about missing an important detail of the conversation as you pay attention to contrasting body language.

3. Enjoy our magic notes

Leave progress and therapy notes up to us. We create DAP-informed progress notes for you! Easily edit the content or add your own notes – during the call or after. It just takes a few quick clicks.

Share therapy notes with a colleague for a peer review or simply remind yourself of each client’s session history and insights before your next session.

4. Evaluate session insights

Look over pre-identified and organized insights! You’ll receive a helpful summary of key facts and important people and places in your client's life.

Each session is further organized into topics that can reveal repeating themes, coping strategies, and even diagnosis markers thanks to unique analyses like speech cadence or therapist-to-client talking ratio.

“Clinical notes might be the most daunting task a therapist endures. But Upheal has made it something a therapist can look forward to completing.”
Jhanelle Peters,
Registered Psychotherapist
Jhanelle Peters, Registered Psychotherapist

What’s so smart about Upheal?

Upheal has been co-created together with experienced mental health professionals to give therapists and coaches some much-needed support.

Secure video conferencing

Upheal is our own private video-calling platform. It works entirely in your browser, no download needed. You can store your session video or audio recordings in our encrypted cloud for teaching purposes and further reference.

Guided consent collection

We know how time consuming in-take administration can be. That’s why we handle invites, client consent collection, and data processing all for you. Our aim is to reduce work for clinicians as much as we can.

Voice-to-text transcription

You’ll receive highly accurate transcripts of each session. We take them as the base of further note organization and insights analytics. You can edit or search them as you need or even upload past recordings.

AI-powered progress notes

To help save you time, Upheal automatically creates DAP-informed notes and a summary of each session. It identifies key topics, repeating themes, drug mentions, and runs added smart analytics for things like client speech cadence or the therapist-to-client talking ratio.

Smart analytics and trends

Upheal’s AI identifies significant relationships, capturing the names of important people and places in your client’s life. You’ll be able to quickly search through session summaries and remind yourself of context whenever you need.

Complete session history

All of your past client sessions will be organized and analyzed – and right at your fingertips. Easily return to past sessions to identify recurring themes, behaviors, and coping strategies, or simply monitor and point out progress over time, even during a call.

Secure and private
– as it should be

Like medical records, mental health data is sensitive. Upheal is built on a modern cloud infrastructure to ensure added data security for both clinicians and clients.

End-to-end encrypted video calls
All data encrypted with AES-256
Personal data activity tracking in an audit log
Secure consent collection and storage
Modern cloud infrastructure
HIPAA Compliant

Your most popular FAQs

Upheal combines the traditional therapist’s notebook with added analytics and data insights. Read more about our new concept for the mental health world.

How do you make sure that sensitive client data stays private?

We follow the strictest HIPAA and GDPR guidelines for storing and working with sensitive data. We make sure it’s properly pseudonymized, replacing personal information fields with artificial identifiers, then physically segregate the data, before encrypting it with per-user keys. And, we also work with independent digital health compliance experts to guarantee that all measures are properly implemented and followed.

How does Upheal really work?

In a nutshell, you just run your remote therapy session on Upheal’s video platform. We securely record the session with your client, automatically generate a transcript, and then use it as the basis for our AI models to create progress notes and insights. The recording is immediately deleted from our servers – unless you explicitly ask the client for permission to keep the recording for clinical or training purposes.

How much does Upheal cost?

At the moment, nothing. Therapists taking part in our Early Access program will not be charged anything and will be able to keep using Upheal for free. Eventually, we plan to charge for its use – however, we’d rather focus on collecting as much feedback as we can from as many valued therapists as we can, at this moment.

Can I use Upheal to transcribe and summarize my older recordings?

Most definitely. You can take your previously recorded sessions and upload them under each client’s profile. You just need to make sure you have the necessary client consent – which we gather for you when you invite a client to Upheal.

Can I use Upheal for my in-person therapy sessions?

Yes, you can. All you need is your phone or laptop. Simply capture an audio recording of the session and upload it to Upheal afterwards, manually. Upheal can be used by therapists with both in-person and remote sessions.

Will Upheal work with my EHR and workflow?

Yes! Upheal easily works with your EHR and other scheduling systems. You can use Upheal to run online sessions, or even use our session planning functionality. After the session and some editing, you can take your notes and copy/paste them into your EHR.

Upheal mission

It’s time the mental health world
received a little help

A pandemic, a war, global warming... It’s been a difficult time for the world. While mental health professionals have a legal obligation to make notes and many find it crucial, it can also be time-consuming and distracting for both client and therapist.

We saw an opportunity to make this process smarter, faster, and an integral part of the clinical process. After all, therapy isn’t about paperwork, it’s about truly being there in the moment – listening, observing, and supporting.
And that’s where our technology can help.