Try Upheal's AI on your favorite therapy scenes

Need a break from therapizing? See what our AI can do for your notes and insights. Test Upheal on the best therapy scenes from the world of entertainment.

We went and tried it on Rick & Morty. It sure is hard to be an intelligent pickle. Cow. We mean mad scientist.

And here is a sneak peak at the result. Try it yourself to see the assessment and the therapeutic interventions.

Try it yourself, upload one of these

Remember therapy breakdowns? This is a little like that. Upload any one of our favorite therapy scenes to Upheal and see what our AI notes and insights can do for your practice.

No need to test our AI with a real client or a colleague

Just sign up and use the Tony Passano demo account to upload videos for free. Then decide if you like it.

Forget about privacy concerns, it’s fictional therapy

Well, it’s shows and movies depicting therapy scenes. But still. No real-people data, ever. Just characters.

Download these or upload your own video to Upheal

We hear Shrinking is pretty good! Once you try it, share the results with us using #therapyscenesAI on Twitter.

Good Will Hunting – It's Not Your Fault

Download video

Two and a Half Men – On Relationships

Download video

The Sopranos - Tony's First Therapy Session

Download video

Joker (2019) – Therapy Scene

Download video

Silver Linings Playbook

Download video

Choose from a range of AI notes

We’ve got SOAP, DAP, EMDR, and Intake note templates. Go ahead and give each of these a whirl – you can regenerate any session in a different note style. And don't forget there are AI insights too.