Upheal secures $3.25M to streamline clinical workflows for mental health professionals

February 13, 2024
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Upheal secures $3.25M to streamline clinical workflows for mental health professionals

Mental health professionals are increasingly overworked and under-supported.

According to data from the CDC, nearly one-third of U.S. adults had symptoms of depression or anxiety in December 2021, three times higher than in 2019.

Yet according to data from the APA, almost half of therapists reported feeling burned out in 2022. Burnout leads to lower empathy, more irritability, anger, and ineffectiveness in clinical interventions.

To help reduce clinician burnout, Upheal is leveraging AI to streamline clinical workflows for therapists and has been created specifically for mental health professionals. In the last year alone, our software has processed 4,000,000 session minutes, proving the need for documentation support and more.

We are currently processing 25,000 sessions per month (and growing) to help therapists, coaches, psychiatrists, social workers, and other mental health professionals save much-needed time and energy.

“Upheal has proved to be an invaluable tool, enabling our clinicians to leverage technology that bolsters the quality of their documentation while freeing them up to be more attentive to patients during therapy sessions. On top of that, it has enabled efficiency so that they can allocate more time to patient care versus administrative work and has prevented the all-too-common problem of ‘burnout’ among clinicians. The incremental benefit seen in clinical and business outcomes has been undeniable as a result.” – Jaime Blaustein, Co-Founder & CEO of The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center

To support more therapists and their clients, we are thrilled to announce a $3.25 million seed round led by Credo Ventures (UiPath) with participation from Kaya Ventures (DocPlanner) and Inovia Capital (AlayaCare), bringing our total funding to $4.35 million. Several distinguished angel investors joined the round, notably Martin Viecha, VP of Investor Relations at Tesla, and Aakash Desai of Decoder Ventures.

Upheal has already saved 21,000 hours for clinicians

By using Upheal, therapists can streamline their clinical workflows, saving time on administrative tasks like writing progress notes and treatment plans. On average, Upheal saves therapists 14 minutes per note per session from a 22-minute average. Given that Upheal has processed 90,000 sessions in the last 12 months, we’ve already saved mental health professionals 21,000 hours, which they can put back into themselves, their clients, and their practice. Translated to income, this is an opportunity to generate an additional $2,100,000 at $100/session.

Upheal is also excited to welcome Ted Faneuff as Head of Clinical Operations to support and champion the development of AI for therapists. “I am excited to join Upheal at this pivotal time when health systems and providers are starting to recognize the need to develop their own AI strategy. A 2023 Healthcare Provider IT Report from Bain & Company noted that ‘while almost 6% of health system respondents have a generative artificial intelligence strategy today, about 50% are actively developing one or are planning to, highlighting the transformative potential impact of AI’. We have a real opportunity to harness AI to simplify mental health professionals lives and I am thrilled to provide a clinical voice to the work that we are doing.”

Upheal helps mental health professionals find better balance

The funding will go towards the expansion of our AI capabilities to help support those who so tirelessly work to support others. Specifically, this means improving Upheal's already powerful platform to allow for fully customizable AI templates, AI-powered progress tracking, group therapy, simplifying the therapist's workflows, and more.

It will also support marketing, engineering, further product development, and expand Upheal’s ability to serve more complex customer segments with the use of APIs.

”AI is no longer a distant future, but a powerful tool accessible to all. We’re committed to building compliant, time-saving AI solutions that therapists find easy to use. Whether you're a solo practitioner or a large clinic, our combination of proprietary and foundational AI models delivers notes and insights with remarkable accuracy and robust compliance. We support everything from in-person sessions, third-party telehealth platforms, to integrations via API.” – Martin Horvath, Co-Founder & CTO.

Upheal was founded by Juraj Chrappa and Martin Horvath as a result of personal experience with mental health challenges. Juraj took a year to study the work and life of therapists after finding himself determined to make a difference in this space.

“Having experienced some truly dark times because of my son’s serious illness, I realized how important mental health is. That was my epiphany moment to use technology to support those who provide such life-changing care.” – Juraj Chrappa, Co-Founder & CEO.

Looking forward, Upheal’s mission remains to help mental health professionals find better balance through AI that automates tasks, captures insights, and tracks outcomes for happier, healthier clients. We are committed to privacy, reducing burnout, strengthening connections, and boosting incomes. If this sounds like a mission you’re interested in supporting, join the team – we’re hiring!

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