The AI-assisted platform for therapists with automated notes and smart analytics

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More time to think and listen

Be even more present for your clients. Finish each session with an extra analysis, insights, and pre-drafted progress notes.

90% faster

Write your progress notes
up to 90% faster.

6extra clients

See more clients per week
thanks to time saved.


Get your investment back
in around one client session.

All you need for
a thriving practice

AI notes are just the start. Learn something new from each therapy session on one convenient platform.

session documentation

Upheal’s AI assistant will capture key topics and themes, people and places, symptoms, medication, goals, and treatment plans as well as draft your progress notes.
Simply edit and approve your note – or swap styles to Intake, SOAP, GIRP, DAP, BIRP, or EMDR.

Comprehensivesession documentation
More insightswith Session analytics

More insights
with Session analytics

Get a new perspective on your sessions through clinically relevant data points such as speech cadence, talking ratio, moments of silence, sentiment and tense. Improve your own skills and gain insight into recurring themes, coping mechanisms, your therapeutic alliance, and even diagnoses. Plus, detailed graphs will provide a better understanding of your sessions.

Add Upheal to your day,
your way

Add Upheal to your existing EHR, in-person sessions, Zoom calls, or use it for all of your practice needs. Upheal works with your Google Calendar. Simply share your link to hold HIPAA-compliant sessions through your browser. Our AI assistant will capture the session for you. Easy!

Add Upheal to your day,your way
All things mental health,not just an EHR

All things mental health,
not just an EHR

From a client database, audited session history, scheduling and reminders, to automated client consent – we exist to make being a therapist more fulfilling, convenient, and efficient. Watch this space for progress notes sign-off and our new practice policy collection feature.

“Clinical notes might be the most daunting task a therapist endures. But Upheal has made it something a therapist can look forward to completing.”
Jhanelle Peters,
Registered Psychotherapist
Jhanelle Peters, Registered Psychotherapist

Improve your therapy experience with these smart features

The best AI-notes available

Try the most comprehensive notes on the market. Mental health workers can now benefit from insurance-ready notes including Intake, GIRP, BIRP, SOAP, DAP, and EMDR.

A second source of insight

Upheal analyzes things you might miss with the naked eye to give a neutral second opinion from data points like speech cadence, talking ratio, moments of silence, and more, all in detailed session graphs.

Goals and treatment plans

Soon you’ll see SMART goals and treatment plans in our notes. Both will be generated from session data – our AI assistant will automatically track client progress against goals and plan to help improve outcomes.

Secure calls and easy scheduling

Hold private video calls on our platform or upload recordings instead. Upheal is fully HIPAA compliant. Then set up recurring sessions and reminders for fewer double-bookings and cancellations.

EHR practice management

Our EHR capabilities fully support group practices and large organizations. Our tools help with client management, team reporting, training, supervision, consent collection, data, and privacy policies.

Integrate us with other systems

Boost your Upheal experience with third-party integrations. We provide easier scheduling with Google Calendar, and Zoom video calling. You don’t even have to change your routine.

Secure and private
– as it should be

Like medical records, mental health data is sensitive. Upheal is built on a modern cloud infrastructure to ensure added data security for both clinicians and clients.

End-to-end encrypted video calls
Secure consent collection and storage
Personal data activity tracking in an audit log
All data encrypted with AES-256
Modern cloud infrastructure
HIPAA CompliantPHIPA CompliantSOC2 CompliantGDPR Compliant

Your most popular FAQs

Read more about Upheal and how to integrate it into your practice.

How does Upheal really work?

We securely capture your client session and automatically generate a transcript. Our AI assistant then uses the transcript to create progress notes and insights. The recording is immediately deleted from our servers – unless you explicitly ask the client for permission to keep the recording for clinical or training purposes.

How do you make sure that sensitive client data stays private?

We follow the strictest HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR guidelines for storing and working with sensitive data. First, we make sure it’s pseudonymized, which means we replace personal information fields with artificial identifiers. Then, we physically segregate the data, before encrypting it with per-user keys. We also work with independent digital health compliance experts to guarantee that all measures are properly implemented and followed.

Can I try Upheal for free?

Yes, you can! We offer around 20 free client sessions monthly on the starter plan. This should help you get used to Upheal and allow you to comfortably introduce it to your clients and into your working day. If you need more sessions, you can purchase a paid subscription anytime.

How can I best add Upheal to my workflow?

It’s really up to you. Either hold online video calls on our secure platform or add the Zoom integration (coming soon). You can also hold in-person sessions. All you need is your phone or laptop. Simply capture an audio recording and upload it to Upheal afterwards, manually. After your session, edit the progress notes draft that’s been created for you and review your session analytics. That’s it!

Will Upheal work with my EHR and other scheduling systems?

Yes! After your session and some editing, you can take your progress notes and simply copy and paste them into your EHR. If you’re a larger organization, you don’t even have to do that – your notes will appear directly in your EHR via an API. In terms of scheduling, we work with Google Calendar, as well as any system that allows for the Upheal link to be added to your session invitation, and of course our own scheduling functionality.

Can I use Upheal to transcribe my older recordings?

Most definitely. You can take your previously recorded sessions and upload them under each client’s profile. You just need to make sure you have the necessary client consent – which we gather for you when you invite a client to Upheal.

Upheal mission

It’s time the mental health world
received a little help

While mental health professionals have a legal obligation to make notes and many find it crucial, it can also be time-consuming and distracting for both client and therapist.

We saw an opportunity to make this process smarter, faster, and an integral part of the clinical process. After all, therapy isn’t about paperwork, it’s about truly being there in the moment – listening, observing, and supporting.
And that’s where our technology can help.